27 Jun


My sweet tiny Amethyst,  she is very pretentious and brave little,  2 pound,   little yorkie.  She is all the time near me, in her special table with a thick pillow “bed” during the day,  so I have to put her up or down when she wishes to,  I am her human-elevator…:-).  She sleeps under my blanket and right besides me every night,  and when one of her siblings gets in under the blanket,  if they dare to touch her getting in,  she will growl like a big dog!!!   She thinks she is big and strong and that she can protect me and the house from invaders…,  really funny.

With me, she is as sweet as she can be,  with others, not so much,  she will accept my family,  but never a new person,  she will keep growling and barking till I put her in another room, a real spit-fire,  and with the other dogs,  she is very picky,  but she will never be that friendly and giving like the others…,   she has a very special personality but the best part is that she gives me all the love she can give that she gives to no one else…,   I LOVE IT!!!  LOL

Another particularity is that every time I am going out in my car,  she gets to the car before me,   so, I grab her and put her on the sit,  but in the moment I sit,  she climbs up to one of my shoulders and stays there till we get back home…,  sadly,  I cannot take her every where but she definitively loves a car ride,  not so much the other members of the gang…

I love her with all my heart!!!

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