25 Sep

I was very sad because I saw Joey lonely, and I could not give him all the companionship that he needed, so I decided to find him a friend. I really wanted a male friend to avoid procreation, but no other males were for sale. I thought I was going to be able to control reproduction, so I decided to to by the female Yorkie that was for sale.

Her name is Bella, she was already 6 months old, so it was more difficult the process of adaptation to her new environment, thought we tried very hard to make her happy, and confident. However, she did not have the same outgoing temperament that Joey had, so it was not as good as I thought everything was going to be. I used to take them to a very nice dog park nearby, and they used to enjoy it very much. However, it was very obvious that she was a shy dog, in comparison with the outgoing Joey.

They have become really good friends but they are like yin and yang. She is soft, shy and feminine and he is outgoing, dominant and strong.

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